Abdullah AlBeyatti

Abdullah Albeyatti

Founder & CEO

Abdullah graduated from Imperial College London as a doctor in 2011 and is currently training as a General Practitioner in Leeds. He has always had a passion for innovation and problem solving and has developed solutions to inefficiencies he found whilst working in the NHS.  


His career in medicine started with surgical training in London and has moved on to general practice with a view to continuing his ENT passion and furthering his management aspirations.  He continues to work in Accident and Emergency to sharpen his clinical skill set.


This website was designed to streamline and lessen the work load placed on junior doctors by standardising the content of discharge summaries produced when a patient is discharged from hospital.  This platform has allowed hospital departments to establish quality assurance and accurately produce reliable discharge summaries to effectively commute between hospital and community medicine.  


His hobbies include playing football, swimming and sushi! He is an avid Manchester United supporter, keen traveller and always searching for adventures.